The Terrordactyl Egg is widely believed to be the most difficult egg to collect in Egg Hunt 2012.


For one to obtain the Terrordactyl Egg they must...

  • Head to the top of the mountain near spawn and go to the Terrordactyl's nest
  • The player must wait about 15 minutes or less for the Terrordactyl to spawn.
  • Once it has it will circle the egg and try to kill you
  • If you successfully avoid it, go into the nest and you will do the Monster Mash, still remember to dodge the Terrordactyl though!
  • After the dance is completed, you will be awarded with the egg


The Terrordactyl Egg is the hardest egg to obtain in Egg Hunt 2012. Players usually fail in these ways

  • Falling down the mountain
  • Getting impatient at the Terrordactyl's Nest
  • Getting killed by the Terrordactyl

Featured Egg History

The Terrordactyl Egg was the Featured Egg of the Week | 8/3/18