Egg Drop 2010 was the 3rd Egg Drop in the series. Much more is known about this Egg Drop than the previous, Egg Drop 2009. The date is still unknown though. It set new standards such as the new Fabergé eggs.


From what the footage tells us, the map for Egg Drop 2010 included the following...

  • A large forest
  • A big desert
  • A vast ocean


There are MANY videos of Egg Drop 2010, here are some of the ones we have chosen:

New Standards

Egg Drop 2010 set a few new standards that would change the Egg Drops and Egg Hunts in the future.

  • New Fabergé Eggs
  • Increased map size once more
  • Added more interesting objectives


Most of the eggs from Egg Drop 2010 are unknown, here are the IDENTIFIED eggs, in order for them to be identified, we must know what it looks like, it's name, and objective. Here is a list of the known eggs